What is an Alfajor? ♡

It is believed that the alfajor originally comes from Arabic culture and its original name was al-fakhir. Over the years the alfajor arrived to Spain along with other European regions and it arrived in Peru with the conquest of the Spanish at the time of the Viceroyalty.
The alfajor is very popular in South America, especially in Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Chile.
Although it is true that the strongest place for its consumption is in Argentina, the variations of the alfajor are different in the mentioned countries.
Here at alfies, to make the typical / classic Peruvian alfajor, we use two buttery cookies to bookend a generous dollop of dulce de leche and powdered sugar on top. We also offer different variations on classic like lucuma style. Peruvians love the lucuma flavor and usually combine it with a cup of tea, coffee or simply as a snack.